Men's Ministry

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At Horizon, we firmly believe that the masculine journey has become increasingly difficult to navigate in our culture. We offer several book group opportunities that allow men to get together and process significant topics that help shape our character and bring restoration from our experiences. More important than the topics is the opportunity to experience the power of vulnerability and depth that comes from true relationships with other men.

One of our pastors, Ryan Casey, leads a group each year that dives into the various stages of masculinity, the things that wound us along that journey and how we overcome them to become the men God intended us to be.

Each fall and spring, one of our community leaders, Phil Hartman, leads a group of men in a book study. The study has included a variety of excellent authors. It is consistently filled with stimulating conversations, men seeking to grow in their journeys, and the benefit of learning from someone like Phil. As a man in the professional workforce, a husband and a father, Phil is an incredible man of character with a wealth of wisdom.

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