Once you feel settled and at home at Horizon, we encourage you to consider committing to our community for one year. We believe making this kind of commitment, which includes the four core practices below, helps foster spiritual growth and relational connection. 

As a way of saying Horizon Church of Towson is my church, I agree to commit to the following for the next year:

1. A life that is moving in the direction of wholeness

  •  Having transparency and accountability in areas of weakness
  •  Ongoing movement toward purity in thoughts, words, and actions
  •  Having a growing relationship with Christ
  •  Maintaining an attitude of humility and teachability

2. A lifestyle of sacrificial giving

  • Giving of time by serving Horizon with gifts, talents, and abilities
  • Giving of relational energy for the sake of healthy relationships
  • Giving of finances to Horizon on a consistent basis

3. Investing in community

  • Regularly participating in Sunday morning worship services
  • Regularly participating in a Horizon small group (Link Group, book club, bible study, etc.)
  • Helping others grow in their relationship with Christ
  • Seeking wisdom from other brothers and sisters in Christ

4. Serving the wider world

  • Sharing time, energy, money and love with those in need
  • Sharing Christ’s love by building relationships with neighbors and co-workers
  • Inviting friends and family to be a part of the Body of Christ, the Church