When I arrive at church, where do I go for KidHorizon?

When you enter through the main entrance of the building, turn right down the first hallway and you will see our sign-in table. Someone will be there ready to greet you and set you up through our secure sign-in system.

Who are the teachers in the classrooms?

We regard the safety of every child as our top priority. We train and perform background checks on each teacher, and we always have more than one teacher in each classroom. You can identify the teachers by the name tags they wear, and we also display a welcome board with a picture of the week’s teacher in each classroom.

Is food allowed in the classrooms?

Due to the safety of our children with allergies, we ask that all food and drink be given to children outside of the classroom. Parents can give bottles in the infant area of our tot classroom, or upstairs in the side room designed for mothers who are nursing babies. You are more than welcome to send a labeled water bottle with your child.

Are my kids welcome in the service?

Yes! Many are not ready to leave their babies downstairs with KidHorizon right away. We understand! You are welcome to bring your baby in the service with you. If your child is crying, or you feel more comfortable, the side room upstairs next to the Fellowship Hall is designated as an overflow/nursing moms room. It is equipped with a live stream of the service, so you won’t miss a thing.

It is perfectly fine if your older child would like to join you in the service. Our sermons are PG-13 a few times a year, and we will let you know about that in advance. Once kids reach middle school, we invite them to join us in the Fellowship Hall every week.

How do I give special instructions to my child's teacher?

We will try our best to accommodate your specific child! When you sign your child in for the first time, you will fill out a form that will collect all of this information. We do not allow food of any kind in the rooms, which should help with allergies. If your child has other medical needs you would like to speak with someone in depth about, please contact the children’s ministers at KidHorizonTeam@gmail.com. They would also be more than happy to discuss with you in person any given Sunday morning. You can find them at the children’s welcome desk, wearing a lanyard.

If your child is sad when you leave, we often have a 10-minute cry rule. If they cry for more than 10 minutes, we can text you to come down for them. Different parents have different thresholds, so please make sure to communicate that with us!

What is your safety protocol for drop-off and pick-up at KidHorizon?

We use a sticker system. When you sign your child in, they will receive a printed-out sticker on their back, and you will receive another sticker. When you return to pick up your child, you must give us your sticker. We can use your license if your sticker gets lost. No child leaves without being properly signed out!