Where do I park?

We have a parking lot behind the church, as well as street parking along Maryland Avenue and any of the side streets close to the church.

What do I wear?

We believe in doing church just as we would do any other day, which means we wear what we’re most comfortable in – from jeans and t-shirts to professional pants and dresses!

What can I expect when I come on Sunday morning?

Our services are pretty casual and simple. Warm smiles will greet you outside and direct you in and up the stairs to friendly faces. If you get here early, you can hang out in our side room and enjoy some coffee, snacks and good conversation. Or you can go straight into the Fellowship Hall and take your seat for the service that begins at 11 a.m.

Our worship team (sometimes a full band, sometimes one or two talented individuals) begins with a few songs (we play a lot by artists/churches like Bethel and Hillsong). We display the lyrics on the screen so you can follow along, and then we have our message, book-ended with some more worship. Our services end around noon, but feel free to hang around afterward and mingle!

Most of our demographic includes 20-, 30- and 40-somethings, families and singles. If you have kids, you can entrust our KidHorizon team to entertain and educate them in the two rooms on the first floor at the end of the side hall.

What are your sermons like?

We base our sermons on Scripture as the ultimate authority, and we use a variety of sermon styles including expository, topical and narrative. We try to make our messages as relatable as possible while mining the depths of the truths of Scripture. Check out a past sermon on our podcast to get an idea of our style.

What is your music like?

We sing worship music and are often led by either an acoustic guitar or a full band.

Do you offer something for kids on Sunday?

Yes. We have a kids ministry that happens while the adults are in the worship service. The kid rooms are on the first floor of the church building.

Are my kids welcome in the service?

Yes! Many are not ready to leave their babies downstairs with KidHorizon right away. We understand! You are welcome to bring your baby in the service with you. If your child is crying, or you feel more comfortable, the side room upstairs next to the Fellowship Hall is designated as an overflow/nursing moms room. It is equipped with a live stream of the service, so you won’t miss a thing.

It is perfectly fine if your older child would like to join you in the service. Our sermons are PG-13 a few times a year, and we will let you know about that in advance. Once kids reach middle school, we invite them to join us in the Fellowship Hall every week.

Do you have Sunday School?

While we don’t offer Sunday School for adults, we do have several small groups that meet during the week, which we call Link Groups.

Is your location accessible for people with disabilities?

Yes. We have multiple accessible parking spots, an elevator to the second floor, and appropriate bathroom facilities.

What denomination are you?

We consider ourselves a non-denominational church. For us, that means we bring a blend of different Christian traditions together to celebrate what we believe is most important: love Jesus and love like Jesus.

Link Groups refer to our main “small groups,” literally a small group of people who have decided to live life together. Different from our other groups that come together around a particular book, topic or life-stage, Link Groups embody the full spectrum of our community - men and women, young and old, married and single - all sharing life together. Being a part of a Link Group is a great way to discover our community, build relationships, discuss life, study Scripture and learn about God. Each Link Group meets in the same home once a week or biweekly.

How do you make decisions as a church?

Our Link Group leaders make up our Leadership Team. With insight from their groups and others, they meet once a month to dream, cast vision, make decisions, and pray for the church.

How would I become a member of your church?

Horizon doesn’t have a traditional church membership process. Instead, if you decide to make this church your home, we invite you to make the one-year Horizon Commitment. Those of us who love this church and call it home have committed to what we believe to be four transformational practices:

  1. A life moving in the direction of wholeness
  2. A lifestyle of sacrificial giving
  3. Investing in community
  4. Serving the wider world

Who can I talk to if I have more questions about Horizon Church of Towson?

You can talk to any of the leaders in our community to get a feel for who we are and what we’re all about. Hanging out with us is the best way to get to know us. Email us at HorizonChurchTowson@gmail.com or call Ryan Casey at (410) 746-0712.