Women in Ministry 

What is your understanding of women in ministry?

At Horizon, we allow room for disagreement in theological issues where well-meaning Christians don’t always agree. We also understand the need for a local church to choose a particular way to function as a community. Based on Jesus’s radically affirming and inclusive interactions with women, and based on how we see the apostle Paul interact with women deacons and women co-workers in the book of Acts and in his letters, we affirm women to serve at all levels of church leadership.

This is how that plays out at Horizon:
Our Link Groups are mixed groups of men and women, making male and female leadership absolutely essential. We believe it is best for men to disciple men and women to disciple women in most cases. Because our Link Group Leaders make up the decision-making body of our church, we greatly value the insight and wisdom that women bring to our Leadership Team. Likewise, in order to communicate a holistic perspective from our sermons on Sunday, we have women who are a vital part of our speaking team.

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